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 Welcome to my page and shop!


My name is Cristal (pronounced: CREE-stahl).

My pronouns are she and they.


I am a self-taught artist from the SF Bay Area.

I was born and raised here my whole life. I self-identify as Chicana.

Juan Bruce-Novoa so eloquently defined the "Chicanx" experience as follows:


"a Chicanx lives in the space between the hyphen in Mexican-American."


I love this quote because I imagine a lot of people

from various backgrounds and identities can also relate to

the vastness and diversity

that exists between the hyphen.

A lot of my art work reflects my own experiences of

living in the space between the hyphen.


At first glance, it may seem like a small space

but to me that space is very

big and colorful.

I like to make things that people can use in their

everyday lives with their family and friends.

I also like when art can be interactive and start conversations.


And I hope my art can do that for you as well.